your thoughts

Confucius said

“The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.”

Now I’m sure you know all about & read “the secret” book which is all about the law of attraction and manifesting with your mind; if you haven’t yet then read it and then once you’ve read it, throw it in the rubbish ! Because it’s not true at all.

Realistically, how do you become what you think ? It boggles my mind that they tell me I can sit in a place and manifest whatever I think and it comes to me.

If that were the case, Jennifer Lawrence would come knocking my door,  holding the keys to our mansion with the lambo parked right outside to take us there.

I remember watching a Dave Chappelle stand up routine and he also mentions “the secret”. He embarks on reading 5 pages before throwing it in the trash. He then gives an excerpt of the book  “the secret is positive imagery, you have to visualise the things that’s gonna happen to you.” He pauses then has his say  “like that’s the secret of life to you ? It’s gotta mean more than that! Fly over to Africa and tell one of those starving children that”

He creates a dialogue between the author and the starving child “what’s wrong with you?” She says “I’ve not eaten in 5 days” replied the child “well what you gotta do is visualise some roast beef and some mashed potatoes…” “Ah B***h you’re killing me stop!” Needless to say Dave Chappelle wasn’t impressed by the book !

So…I want you to clear your mind of this delusion. Thoughts becoming things…however I’m not throwing away the notion of thinking about what you want. That’s completely different. If you focus on thinking about something you really want & routinely get into working on it, then yes you can achieve it.

But it takes hard graft , dedication,  prudent planning and goal setting to get there. Simply changing your thoughts is not going to guarantee you magically achieving your dream.

Thoughts merely energise and help point you towards your trajectory. Thinking is the blueprint of your goal. It’s the framework of doing anything before setting your plan in motion.

Set yourself instructions and follow though accordingly. if you want to gain something you’ve never had then you must do something you’ve never done in order to achieve it. It’s that simple.

Newtons theory “for every action there is an equal and opposite  reaction” could be applied in order to gain prosperity in abundance. Meaning if you put in a lot of work into your ideas, dreams and goals then ultimately you should receive the benefit. But make sure you strategically plan and have patience, you know Rome wasn’t built in a day!

thats my viewpoint on the whole manifestation thing. I hope you’ve enjoyed my post !








5 thoughts on “your thoughts

      1. No thanks needed! Maybe I inspired you, but YOU were the one that put the work in to make it happen. That was all you! I look forward to seeing what else that wonderful brain of yours comes up with!

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